SAI Global Limited
SAI Global provides organisations around the world with information services and solutions for managing risk, achieving compliance and driving business improvement.
We provide aggregated access services to Standards, Handbooks, Legislative and Property publications; we audit, certify and register your product, system or supply chain; we facilitate good governance and awareness of compliance, ethics and policy issues and provide training and improvement solutions to help individuals and organisations succeed.
Our key point of differentiation is the provision and integration of all the different elements that comprise a comprehensive and coordinated approach to managing risk in client organisations.
We believe in trust and transparency. We build on trust rather than contractual relationships and work to simplify what is complex.
Our expertise extends across diverse industries from agriculture and automotive to healthcare and property.
Risk Decisions
Risk Decisions delivers risk analysis and management solutions to major companies and government departments across a broad range of sectors, all seeking to manage risks to meet corporate governance obligations, achieve business objectives, or deliver on large capital projects
Risk Decision's customers are driving transformational change through their projects, be it single implementations/ SMEs, global corporations or Government organisations through Predict!, the leading global risk management software.
As risk management shifts further up the corporate priority list, embedding risk management capability right across businesses – from how people think to what they do day-to-day – is vital. Meeting this need Risk Decision's works collaboratively to create a more productive, better performing organisation, achieving best value from their investments with user experience right at the heart of our technology.

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